We are Esoftking Infotech team develop and host the tracking solution for “ALTRACK ENTERPRISE” Prop : Md. Abdul Alim.

This program is Next Generation GPS tracking System assisting you to manage your assets from anywhere

Nearby Location :

Find your vehicle nearest ATM, Petrol Pump, Hospital, Police Stations, Service Points, Restaurants, Parking Point.

Daily Statistics:

All the daily stats like Run time, Idle time, Stoppage time, Distance, Average speed and Max speed are shown on daily basis.

Remote Engine Lock:

The vehicle will be turned off within seconds if driven in less than 10 km/hr or in idle state.

Easy Tracking:

Track any vehicle from anytime , anywhere .

Vehicle Maintanance:

Get your daily mileage and other reports on your finger tips !

Real Time Tracking:

The device updates location every 10 seconds while in motion and keeps you connected in idle condition.





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