Billing and Stock management Software for Small & Medium Business

A small business might not need a very detailed and sophisticated ERP solution as they have limited resources. Also the need of automation in such cases is minimum and pretty basic.

Our web application helps business monitor the stock, maintain the inventory, purchase and sales record, with invoices and sales records and giving pending payment alerts.

Our Software is a cost effective solution for you to maintain all your business records.

    •  Products/Services

    •  Delivery Challan (or similar) to trigger invoice

    •  Payments Received

    •  Forms received

    •  Stocks Purchases

  •  Invoices – Generate Invoice/PI, preview, send PDF to customer by email and copy for office, revision or

  •  Invoice Register –(a) Pending for Payment, (b) Paid Invoices (c) periodic – date-wise, monthly, yearly,

  •  Tax payments alerts

  •  Stocks Report

  •  Purchase Orders (pending or incomplete, period-wise, Principle-wise, Product-wise)

  •  Supply Orders (pending or incomplete, period-wise, Customer-wise, Product-wise)

  •  Principle Report (Purchase Orders, Invoices, TOD, Commission, Taxes

  •  Customer Report (Orders, Bills, forms/Taxes, Commission)

  •  Pending Challans (not yet billed)

  •  Profitability Report (Period-wise, product-wise, Principle-wise)

  •  Commission Report

  •  Trading Report (Stock, Purchases, Sales, Payables, Receivables)

  • Tax Statement (for GST)